Key Reasons to Stand

Key Reasons to Stand

Key Reasons to Stand

Employee Engagement

Height adjustable workstations help break the monotony of sitting, something we have become accustomed to while working at our desks. The variation of movement between sitting and standing is said to improve brain connections which leads to an increased ability to focus, greater level of energy and more actively engaged in work.  Increases of even 60-90mins a day can reduce fatigue, thus improving daily job performance.


Stationary workstations are said to generate twice as many musculoskeletal issues and higher compensations costs compared to height adjustable desks. A UK study showed how significant back pain alone is, costing businesses and the economy £7bn a year in work-relates absences. On average, employees who report back pain lost an average 5.2 hours productivity per week. Height adjustable desks minimised worker discomfort by countering ergonomic issues surrounding excessive sitting leading to less compensation costs for businesses and increased productivity.


Prolonged sitting can cause an increase of fatty deposits within the arteries which is linked to higher risk of chronic diseases, including obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  It can also lead to breathing difficulties and bowel problems.  Further, mortality rates rose by more than 18% for those who worked more than 6 hours a day sitting, when compared to those sitting for less than 3 hours a day.

This increased risk cannot be completely negated by physical activity, rather should be seen as a support mechanism to increase the physical benefits of exercise.

Alternating between sitting and standing stimulates blood flow combating associated risks of excessive sitting, while also decreasing musculoskeletal issues surrounding the neck, back and legs.

We understand that you may believe that switching to a sit to stand workstation will need a high outlay.  It’s not as much as you think.  Here at AWM we cater for all levels in the Alto Range to find what suits you the best.

So investing a little now will give you increased returns down the track!