The F50 screen system is a 50mm lightweight, extremely versatile aluminium modular screen system that has a built in accessory rail that allows for multiple accessories such as screen hung shelves.

The F50 can be leg mounted for technician adjustable leg systems allowing for screen heights to remain consistent, and the panels also have the ability to run to the floor.


50mm thickness. (Usually supplied at 300mm or 400mm off the floor with the top of the screen at a height between 1000mm above floor level to 1450mm above floor level)
Soft wiring of power above or below desk external
Communications outlets can be terminated above or below desk
Power blades, umbilicals (from floor or ceiling)
Power poles are available to bring services to the system
Cable trays
Screen hung shelves
Screen hung whiteboards
Name plates
Under bench joinery
Monitor arms
Lead Times: 3 – 4 Weeks



F50 on Cleveland Leg
F50_3 F50_2 F50_1 F50_1 F50 on Delta 'O' 90 degree F50 on Delta'O' 90 degree