The F3 system is a stackable post and panel system with standard foam backing.  Cable management includes external with trays or baskets or an integrated power pole with soft wiring.

The system’s main components are recyclable and re-usable with curved and straight top rail profiles. The function rail supports all accessories that include whiteboards, document trays, pens holder, screen hung shelf just to name a few.


Internal segregated cabling
Soft wiring preferred
Desk mounted or in-desk units available
Optional power and data located above or below desk
Power pole or power blades
Document trays
Pens holder
Screen hung shelf
Screen hung hamper
Monitor Arms

Lead Time: 3 – 4 weeks



F3 Post Leg 120 degree_1
F3_2 F3 on Post leg with Custom top F3 Post GPO & Data with Aerostat Monitor Arm F3 on Post Leg 90 degree F3 90 degree_2 F3 90 degree F3 on Axis 90 degree F3 on Axis 120 degree with meeting end