Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Our Commitment

Environmental Pride is a term used frequently at AWM. To do it well care needs to be taken from the Directors and flow down. To do it exceptionally well and with pride is a commitment from every single person in a company.

At AWM we are very fortunate to have an exceptional environmental commitment from every team member. Not only on the product we deliver everyday but also within all of our factory / showrooms and design team.

AWM’s commitment to improving its environmental performance grew out of an ongoing commitment to producing high quality products with minimal environmental impact. This commitment has been reinforced by the requirement to conform to increased demand for Green Star Ratings for buildings.

Be confident that when you’re purchasing an AWM product it comes from a company which strives for true leadership in reusing and recycling methodology.

AWM products boast a 10 year warranty and are Australian made here at our 5,000 sqm factory and showroom in Sydney.


AWM’S Recycling and Re-using Tips

Showroom & Factory
i) Use of natural lighting.
ii) Recycling of packaging.
iii) Energy Saving Traffic Light System.

Machines that can be switched OFF when not in use Eg: scanners, air conditioners, staff amenities.
ORANGE: Use for machines that are best left on during the day, as they take a long time to warm up, can be switched off at the end of the day. Eg: Photocopiers, Lights.
RED: For equipment that has to be kept turned on all of the time. Eg: Refrigeration, answer machines, fax machines i) Recycling of waste with a reputable waste company who you visit and can prove where waste is going ii) Sensor lighting in areas which dont have continual occupancy such as storerooms; chemical storage; computer rooms.


i) Design with re-use in mind.
ii) Careful choice of materials.

* Please note: AWM Recycling and Reusing Tips are that only. AWM bare no responsibility for any other companies sustainability practices when using these tips and hints. Individual companies should obtain accredited advice from an Environment Consultant before embarking and putting an EMS system in place.

WH & S

Management are committed to national WH & S ethics. From factory floor to installation AWM ensures our product is manufactured and installed in the safest and most efficient work methods. This is to ensure not only a great product for you but to ensure the safety of our staff as well.

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